What really happened?  True story with raw real footage of Aliens and UFOs.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, a theatre group decided to do a digital version of Jesus Christ Superstar on a farm in western Montana.  The film is still not fully released.

A comic book-style film of 100 short skits detailing the bizarre life of Pete and Kit and their family in Northern Idaho.  

Nominated in the No. 1 Comedy Fest in the US, "The LA Comedy Fest" for "Best Kickass Original" the Cottonwood City Project is a mockumentary about a couple filmmakers from California making a film making fun of a small town in western Montana.  The four filmmakers went missing and are still missing to this day.

My second full-length feature that I directed and edited is a hilarious comedy about a father who abuses his son, as he slowly completely loses his mind!

My first full-length feature film that I directed and edited and also starred  about four college friends drinking and wasting their lives away, who progressively meet girlfriends that leads to a dramatic 2nd half twist that no one sees coming in this comedic drama!

Enigma - my first attempt at a full-length feature film with my brother Kelly that I co-wrote with.  I was actually the lead actor "John" in it, and Kelly directed and edited it.  We shot this with a borrowed digital video camera back in 2003, a borrowed editing system, and just our blood sweat and tears!  Was supposed to be a 90 minute film but ended up being barely over 40 minutes with some extremely corny lines and plot lines.  No one ever gets the actual the end...ha ha ha...

Also made a documentary on it, showing outtakes and describing everything that wen wrong with the film that you can watch here called:  Enigma Reloaded.


I did a remake of one of my favorite music videos of all-time "Smack my Bitch Up" by The Prodigy.  It's a different Montana-styled take on the video.

Cliffhooters -  Suuuper old, was in high school, my brother Kelly shot and directed this film, I was one of the main actors in it.  It's a spoofed-out comedy on the movie "Cliffhanger" that starred Sylvester Stallone.